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Entry for baby2mom Egg Donation in the Excellence in Customer Service International Medical Travel Awards 2015

baby2mom was encouraged to enter the International Travel Awards for 2015.

baby2mom has been facilitating egg donation cycles in South Africa since 2007.  During 2014, baby2mom proudly reached in excess of 1,000 egg donation cycles.


Jenny Currie, the founder and owner of bab2mom is personally involved in every donation cycle, facilitated through continuously modified mobile friendly website,


2014 saw several developments including the development of a now widely accepted and recognized blog, enabling easy login through facebook and options to rate posts.

Recipients come from all corners of the globe to receive egg donation services in South Africa through the assistance of baby2mom Egg Donation Agency.


As a reputable and professional egg donation agency, baby2mom has signed adherence to the SASREG guidelines governing egg donation in South Africa.


Baby2mom’s online presence is supported by over 36,000 facebook likes



A continuous aim is to render quality services, supported by ease of access and efficient communication and feedback.   This prompted the developing of a mobile app, which went live in the last quarter of 2014.


An initiative was introduced to launch the world’s first mobile application, really so that baby2mom could set itself apart from competitors, in terms of easy access.  It was also an opportunity to be able to achieve the world’s first.  This achievement is magnified because bab2ymom is small and the owner, Jenny Currie, personally involved in every aspect of the donation process.


A further motivation around this is that potential recipients generally hear news in a doctor’s office that an egg donor is required for their conception.  This is difficult to hear and in today’s fast paced technologically driven world, a solution was sought for persons to have immediate answers at the tip of their fingers.  The mobile app is just that - immediate and free access to view egg donor profiles in a user-friendly manner directly from their mobile devices.  This donor database viewing is supported by extensive information around egg donation and of course immediate contact details.



baby2mom differentiates itself by the personal involvement whilst remaining abreast of technological developments and ensuring user friendliness on both the website and mobile technology.  The viability of baby2mom is maintained by the commitment to professionalism, continuous recruitment of new egg donors and growing experience, making every egg donation that much more efficient.  Professional availability and support is core to this offering right from the very first contact to the culmination of the service.  The professional offering is extended to warm relationships that develop when recipients send pictures of their babies conceived through this special offering.  Refer to more information in this regard on the outcomes section below.     



The mobile app, as the world’s first had no prior protocols or learning to follow, so a process of several challenges was faced to ensure the app is compliant with ethical guidelines, e.g. maintaining egg donor confidentiality.  Extensive thoughts were also employed round the most effective presentation of donor profiles.


Every aspect of the mobile app was checked extensively and designed to be a user friendly version of the website, enabling full access immediately on the mobile device.  A further offering is the free calendar function on the app which enables users to enter specific appointments or schedules.





The baby2mom app was approved on the Google Play store, immediately and after an extensive approval process made live on the App Store, .

All recipients are invited to download the free app when contacting baby2mom.  The free download enables their immediate access to the egg donor profiles and also a direct communication to baby2mom admin so that a further follow-up can be made with persons interested, ensuring they receive adequate and continuous support.


Feedback from Users:

The media was excited to hear of this development and Good Morning Africa hosted a television interview, on the app’s development and offerings.


A mobile friendly application form, (also accessible from the app) has been developed for baby2mom egg donors, so the mobile app really targets the recipients.



A formal control and evaluation is really the approval of Apple as the App Store only approves apps after a formal accreditation process happens through Apple.


The app is not a replacement for either the website or personal contact, but rather intended to provide this additional support in the egg donation world, enabling access at your fingertips and maintaining the message of being technologically innovative and available.


baby2mom has over 67 pages of positive testimonials received on the heart of baby2mom, these show tribute to the dedication of egg donation services offered by baby2mom and that all initiatives and efforts are really to further improve on this service.



Content provided by Jenny Currie, owner and founder of baby2mom Egg Donation Agency, or +27 84 465 8353.

Yesterday, a notocation was received that baby2mom is a finalist in the excellence in the customer service catergory.

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