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Experience With Egg Donating

My feelings going into the process were a little mixed but one thing was certain and that was anything I do from the moment the process starts I'll be used as an instrument to deliver a gift from God to a deserving woman.

My feelings were mixed because I wanted to make sure I had the right intentions in my donation.  No regrets whatsoever.

Signing up to donate has always ben about being able to help someone.  I definitely know that if I was ever in a situation where I couldn't have children, I would love it if there were options like this out there for me,

I would advise others to definitely go into this with a sound mind and heart and also to realise that what they are doing is bigger than them and they should feel proud that they have a part in this something bigger.

I really hope the best for the mommy to be!  It's such a great feeling to feel wanted and I know the blessing that comes from her won't have any doubt of that growing up.  I wish the family all the best!

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