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Why I have Chosen To Be An Egg Donor

If I think about all the children born without the love and “want” of parents it makes me feels so empowered that I can make a life changing difference to a couple that dreams of parenthood.

I love being a parent; it is truly the single most rewarding, satisfying life path anyone can take. I know the struggle is real for couples who have tried everything to have a child of their own. It is different than adoption or surrogacy it is a life, your life growing inside you! AMAZING!!!

After experiencing many of my friends, family and even my clients struggle to start a family of their own, I have always wanted so badly to help them.  So I have always loved the idea of being able to be part of making that dream come true.  While I could not do it for them, it is such a proud accomplishment that I can change the lives of a couple for the better by enabling them to become parents.  Many couples realise their inability to have children of their own, and here I am able to help provide long-lasting happiness for others.  I WILL BE PART OF THAT, HELL YEAH!

These parents I believe are going to be the best kind, the kind children need to have.  When you have to work hard for something you appreciate it so much more in every instance of life, I believe the same for these parents.  The children of these parents will benefit greatly from the fact that there parents would do anything to have them.

I’m pro good parenting and I think these people/couples will shine.  And that makes me very happy.

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