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Extraordinary Egg Donation

Thank you


To many this may sound like I am doing a favour for someone, to some extent this may be true, but I am doing this for me more than I am doing for my recipient, giving is a gift, happiness consists of giving and serving others, there is no greater happiness than making one individual happy, I hope my efforts will result to an immeasurable happiness for you recipient because I am so grateful that u have given me the opportunity to give, there is magic in giving, it is a profound gift and right now while writing this I am in tears, tears of joy because you have helped me experience that magic, that miracle, miracle of giving because among other benefits, giving liberates the soul, thank you, you truly have come into my life as an angel, again I pray that this process result to your heart felt desires


I couldn’t forget the Angel, her name is Jenny, Jenny you have facilitated the process of giving a gift while receiving one and I am truly grateful for all your work, you listen, you act instantly, your turn-around time is amazing and you have an incredible talent to make people feel at ease, I thank God I stumbled across your website, thank you.


Dr. Matebese, such a humbled and considerate soul, it was so great working with her, forever thinking about the other person, her kind heart could never go unnoticed and most of all I would like to thank her for putting me at ease when things didn’t seem to go according to plan, I am blessed to have met a Dr. like her.


The donation process

At first I dreaded the process, having to inject myself sounded a bit extreme but it was really not as bad as I have imagined, Yes I agree, it is not all creamy and peachy but there is no comparison to this priceless gift, I knew I had to see it through, right to the end, I know after the retrieval, the process is finished for me but for the recipient it just begun, I can never be able to comprehend or anticipate how much love they must have for the family and how much disappointments they may have stumbled across along the way, I really cannot anticipate, ever, but I will keep them in my heart and in my prayers.


Why I decided to donate

Few years ago I had an unplanned pregnancy, and because of the circumstances I faced at that moment I had no choice but to terminate it and the father of the child was against it and his words still resound in my head, I had no idea, absolutely no idea that there are people across the world who have to put on some work to conceive, I mean I grew up in a family of over 20 people and this came as a surprise to me but he opened my eyes to a darker world than I knew of, and then I took a silent decision that day and today when I watch my daughter grow, learn new things that excites her more than they should, listening to her trying to make sense of the world around her, God, I couldn’t ask for a better gift and I want to give that gift to someone else.


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