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Dear Jenny


I just want to thank you for allowing me to be part of the blessing you are providing for so many woman and couples out there.

It is such a pleasure to be part of baby2mom.

It is very scarce to find people now a day that actually help others let alone give life.

My experience was absolutely amazing from the first day to the end.

Everyone from Kim at reception, sister Krina, Mandy, Dr Rodrigues and sister Sasa were absolutely amazing , they treated me like royalty.

Jenny, I would like to thank you for always checking up on me, always remembering the dates of my scans, my beautiful flowers, really made me feel like I was appreciated.  You have gone out of your way to make me feel really special and am truly grateful.

This might sound cliché , but there should really be more people like you in this world as you would make it a better place.
Thank you for giving me a life changing moment.

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