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Feeling the Heart From the Inside

Here I am finally writing about my egg donating processes.

Last year I decided I wanted to make a change in someone else's life.  I wanted to give them a child.  I got hold of baby2mom and started talking to Jenny about how the process works.  I filled in all the forms but knowing I may not be a match to a couple soon.

But within a few days Jenny contacted me asking me if I was willing.  Instead of having a fear or wanting to pull away or change my mind. I wasn't at all.  I WAS SO EXCITED!!

Soon after the call, I went to see the relevant doctors and the ball got rolling.  The first time I was so nervous of doing things wrong or not injecting correctly, but turns out to be very easy.  And I was dreading there may be bad side effects.  But to my surprise there were no side effects. Yayie 😉

Once the eggs were ready for retrieval I came in early and had them removed under a mild sedatory.  I woke up so easily and there were no side effects.  I walked out the door smiling so wide because I could have just given a couple a family.  I did a great thing.  No regrets.

Jenny approached me a few weeks ago regarding a recipient.  I have one day to go on the injections and then they retrieve the eggs. I'm so grateful for the Lord who brought this on my path to make a difference in someone else's lives.

So it was and is a great experience for me.  And if you work with Jenny you are going to be very well looked after.

Thanks again Baby2mom. 😘

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