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Give and Be Blessed

They say the more you give the more you will be blessed.  Well I have to agree with this.  Being able to share something so special with you and your husband is absolutely the ultimate gift.  What better gift to give than a gift of life.  Being your egg donor was such an honour and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this process.

Being a mom myself, knowing how much love I get from my child everyday just stirred something inside me to share it with you as well.  We do not know what life holds for us but I do pray and hope that you as a couple can be blessed with a healthy and precious little baby.

May you also get those early morning hugs and kisses; the first time mommy word and daddy; the late night " I love you mommy and daddy".  My wish is that God bless you as I have been blessed to share this journey with you.

I do know our paths might never cross but I will always and forever keep you in my heart and never forget this special joy you brought to my life and the willingness and bravery that you have shown in taking this huge step in your life.  Without any doubt I know you would make a wonderful mother and father.  Any child will be blessed to have you as his or her parents.

I am grateful and with warm love please take care.

Your South African egg donor

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