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First Time Flyer

Yesterday was amazing, I had fun. The shuttle fetched me right on time, arrived at the airport and checked in hassle free.

From then I boarded on the plane, I was so fascinated as it was my first time flying, the plane took less than 3 hours to arrive in Cape Town.  Upon arrival the shuttle guy had a name placard which has my name on it and that made me free like a star.

First stop was Avaetas clinic, they were all expecting me, so everything went smoothly.  The doctor was very kind and caring, and listened to my concerns and fears, by the end of the appointment all my worries and fears were well well addressed.  Next stop was cape fertility clinic to see the psychologist, she was amazing and also she was listening to everything I told her.  From there the shuttle took me back to the airport for my flight back home.  All in all the experience was refreshing and professional.  I received pocket money for lunch and airtime which helped me alot.

Everyone who was involved into making this trip successful worked tirelessly and am very grateful for that.

All baby2mom egg donors who partake in travelling within South Africa are supported thoroughly from day one.

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