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Which Egg Donor To Select

It has just become a fact that an egg donor is needed to conceive.  This can be an extremely frightening and daunting revelation.

The process of egg donation has evolved extensively in South Africa over the last decade.  Egg donors kindly provide a very thorough and detailed profile.  This is purely for information.  For recipients - it is not imperative to try to compare and analyse all the detailed profiles against each other.

Under all the information about different hair and eye colours of grandparents is a humble lady who has subconsciously heard about your plight and she has come forward to help. 

baby2mom egg donors are screened at a high level to exclude persons who carry genetic disorders, so whilst reading about potential cancer of a distant relative or high blood pressure of the donor's parent, it is also important to understand that these may well be consequences of life choices. 

Donors who have not had an opportunity to complete schooling or a tertiary qualification is not necessarily an indication of their intellectual capability.  One of the prominent private schools in Johannesburg does not have an entrance exam to accept new students, yet ranked as one of the top achievers for final matric results.  The school attributes this to how the children are taughtm the resources available and the facilities provided.  As a potential parent, you are empowered to provided the wherewithal for education as you deem appropriate and so drive and direct your child(ren)'s abilities and opportunities.

Ultimately recipients are opening themselves for a miracle and the final egg donor selection is made of a personal selection - as to what the recipient feels is important.

May recipients be blessed in their egg donor selection and may their decision and selection be Divinely Guided.

Recipients also impact and influence the child by their own environment, starting as early as the womb, see more here.

More on being a recipient of donor eggs can be found here.

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