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Flying to Port Elizabeth for Egg Retrieval

Our egg donor was an amazing participant, she gave everything of herself for this special experience - absorbing and learning everything there was to ensure she optimised this amazing opportunity.

Photographing our egg donation pamphlet, egg donation is really an answer to a dream and provides hope when other options have been exhausted.

To minimise costs, our egg donor started the stimulation and scans, all planned in advance in Pretoria.

In Port Elizabeth, our donor was ideally located close enough to the clinic so that she could walk to appointments, a mere few hundred metres away.

She spent times in between scans walking on the beach and doing her level best for her donation.

Scans and egg retrieval was undertaken at the fertility clinic in Port Elizabeth, Fembryo.

"This was an amazing experience, working with you and helping where I can."

An efficient person who checked and triple-checked all to do her level best.

We thank Helena, our recommended travel agent, for all her arrangements, this donor and all our other egg donors who do their very best to help answer dreams.

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