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My Short and Sweet Pretoria Experience

When I had originally signed up to be a donor 2 years ago, I had decided that I would do a max of two or three donations.  Well this was my third, and now that it's nearly over I'm not sure I'm ready to put a cap on blessing a family with a child.

I was told by Jenny that there was a recipient in Pretoria that loved my profile, and was told I would need to travel there.  Only problem was work, I wouldn't be able to get 2 weeks off.  And so, I told Jenny this and somehow she made a plan.  I would be able to do most of my scans and injections at home, and only travel for 3 days for the retrieval.  This was great news!

The staff at Natal Fertility Clinic were great, and always willing to help if need be.  They always communicated well with me and never let me feel in the dark, and even though I had donated before, they made sure I knew what I had to do.

I left Durban on one of the hottest days ever experienced there (Great timing) and arrived in Pretoria just as warm.  The first thing that struck me upon arriving here: Afrikaans! Every single person speaks Afrikaans in pretoria, something very uncommon In Durban.

I settled in at Avenues Guesthouse, meeting the owner Michelle as well as the manager and truly felt as if I was at home.  The room was beautiful and I always felt assured that I was supported by everyone I had met through this experience.

I  had finally met Lizette from Pta Fertility Centre, after being in continuous contact on whatsap for over two weeks, it felt like I had known her for years.  A brief chat and scan and was confirmed I was ready for retrieval.

I hope and pray for the recipient's of my little eggies, that they will have their hearts filled with a new bundle of joy.
For any potential donor who is considering donating, have a chat with Jenny, she will clarify anything and everything, and support you every step of the way.!
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