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For Our Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,
I hope you are well.
These last 4 weeks have been some of the most hectic I have experienced for many years and somehow I never really managed to finish my message for my dear Donor, very bad of me, sorry.
So here it is,  please would you pass it onto her and thank you so much again for your assistance.
Dearest Donor,
We have asked Jenny to give us the opportunity to pass our heartfelt, yet anonymous, message of immense gratitude onto you.
After so many months of treatments, medications and negative results we had almost resigned to the dream of having a family of our own: we know you have a child and that you can understand what desire has being driving us for so long.
In the next few weeks you will be undergoing some treatments as well and we find it amazing that you are going to do it for someone else, to help someone you don’t even know to hopefully realise their biggest dream of all.
And so we just wanted you to know that we are deeply grateful for what you are prepared to do for us, for the some sacrifices you will have to make for those weeks and that we wish you well.
You have surely taught us a lesson of higher values of selfishness and love and for that you are an extraordinary person.
We wish you and your family all the very best.

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  • From our egg donor in response...

    5/30/2015 7:52:52 AM | Reply

    Dear Recipient

    I cannot imagine what you have been going through the last few weeks, but what I can say is that there is nothing else I would rather do than give you a gift and opportunity to have a family of your own.  I am just as excited as you are and cannot wait to start with the procedures.  For now we have some small hurdles to go through but they are done with pleasure and lots of love.  I wish you and your husband all of the best for the weeks ahead and keep your head high!  Be strong and keep the faith, you are never alone. M ay you be blessed, the best is yet to come XxX

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