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Reason I Donate Eggs

Becoming an egg donor is a very special process, it requires you to have a heart and ability to give another deserving woman a gift that they always cherish and remember you for, it’s the kindest and most selfless act you as a woman can do, I think every woman that is so lucky to be able to conceive without complications should share their happiness with those that are not as lucky, being a woman, we are hotwired to have the motherly instincts and nurturing will to look after another living soul, when this cannot happen, you feel incomplete as a woman and I cannot imagine how that must make someone else feel that cannot have that kind of connection with someone they can give all their love and affection to and protect with all their hearts, a woman was created to be the nurturer and carer so in my opinion, when that is taken away for any reason it makes you feel broken in away.

There are so many woman out there that can fall pregnant at the drop of a hat and abuse their gifts by smoking, doing drugs and drinking etc, then after conception throwing that precious little gift God gave away in a dumpster or allowing harm to come to this little being that is so innocent that it hurts me just thinking of it, then you get the woman that deserves to have a child and hurts within because she can’t, those are the types of woman that my heart cries out to, I will always try help those less fortunate as God has given me the ability and gift so I feel it is my desire to feel complete in my heart by assisting a desperate mom.

And the poems that touched my heart :

God answers so many of my little prayers,
so why not the big ones too?
I just can't understand it
Why does He do the things he decides to do?
My deepest desire lies unfullfilled
I feel so hopeless inside
I know I should be thankful
and not so full of pride.
I ask God every day
for this or that, you know, little things.
And when He answers so clearly
my heart just really sings.
But in those deep, pondering moments
When I ask for the desire of my heart,
I get no clear answer
and then my tears start,
Oh God, I want a baby
to hold and kiss and love
I know that You alone can give me
that blessing from above.
I keep waiting, waiting, waiting
and my patience grows to despair.
Oh why can't I have a baby?
For nothing else I truely care.
I know You haven't forgotten me
for better things to do
because You answer all my little prayers,
I just wish You'd fulfill my big one, too.

By Stephanie Marottek

When do I stop?
When do I realize it's enough?
Why does it have to be me
who has it so tough?
There are many out there
who are evil and perverse.
Yet do You burden them
with an infertility curse?
A 16 year old delivers
a healthy baby boy
then throws him in the garbage
like some old broken toy.
A drug addict
has 3 beautiful little ones
and beats them black and blue
for nothing they have done.
A worn-out woman
with already more than she can bear
sighs dissapointedly
when she sees two lines are there.
God give me one, just one
to cherish all my days
And I promise that to You I'll give
all glory, credit and praise.
Make it stop
this intense longing and fear.
Please give me a child
that I can hold near!

By Stephanie Marottek

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  • From the Recipient

    5/27/2015 3:42:42 PM | Reply

    Hi Jenny
    Thanks so much for that, so lovely.  We are so very fortunate, and looking forward to the next few months.

    Infertility is cruel - the gift your donors give to families like mine is immeasurable.

    Have a great week, talk soon.

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