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How To Choose An Egg Donor

An egg donation program is a highly sensitive and personalised process and it is imperative to understand that what is right for one individual is very different to what may be necessary for another.

Egg donation recipients make peace with the egg donation program after some soul searching and this very aspect may influence what is right for them in an egg donation program. This may be more of a spiritual match of egg donor who shares the same life views and philosophies as well as belief structures. A match of this kind means that the recipient feels drawn on a different level and comfortable that their egg donor who is giving this enormous gift is a match on a very special and deep level.

The more common match is that of the physical match. Selecting an egg donor because she looks more like her recipient is the most common selection option. It is more usual to consider height, weight, eye colour and hair colour as considerations as well as skin complexion.

In other situations, recipients feel that they hold very opposite traits to their partners that the phsyical match is not really necessary as there are a combination of several varied traits between them.

The option to consider personality traits and interests has also been a consideration for some egg donor recipients. This is particularly true when egg donation recipients consider aspects such as musical affinity, a skill in dancing or athletic ability.

A combination of identifying physical traits, spiritual views, personality traits and interests can also be the way an egg donor is selected.

Ultimately egg donor recipients can be drawn to their ideal egg donor and the exact attraction can be identified or can simply be magical.

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