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The Gist of Donating Your Eggs

An egg donor in South Africa is a woman aged between 18 and 34 who has elected to help another.  She is motivated by this gracious calling to make a monumental difference to another.  Egg donation is one of the greatest things she may do with her life.

The egg donor program entails the egg donor committing and availing herself to be psychologically and medically screened to be fit and competent for egg donation.  Her commitment means she injects herself on a daily basis for two weeks to stimulate the egg development.  This is a process to encourage some of the eggs that are ordinarily lost in the process to come forward and mature.  Over this time, the egg donor in South Africa has two to three scans to ensure she is medically well and responding well to everything as well as offer her the appropriate medical treatment required.

At the end of the egg donor process, the egg donor presents herself for the vaginal egg retrieval.  This means that the eggs that have developed are retrieved through a catheter directly from the ovaries via the vagina.  This is not an operation, so does not entail any cutting or incision.  The egg donor is however sedated and/ or put under unaesthetic for this process of vaginal donor egg retrieval.

Egg donation is the gift of life and every day is a fitting and suitable time to decide to give the gift of life.  An egg donor in South Africa is a divine and special woman who gives generously so that another woman can have a family.

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