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Maintaining Wholesome Health

Going vegan is a big decision and one that embraces respect for the environment, life and mostly for yourself.  It encourages a discipline to not only feed yourself but to adequately nourish yourself.  It also requires attention to the unlearning and esentially relearning about food and health benefits and ways of eating and what to eat.

The health benefits are fantastic and extreme, including loss of excessive weight, lowering high blood pressure, increased energy and stocking the body up on antioxidants by the increased intake of fresh fruit, vegetables.  Most vegan food is also neutral to alkaline forming, which means the body has better methods of coping to acidic forming challenges, such as kidney stones.

The increased raw intake increases the body's receiving of minerals in their maximum format.

On a budget note, as the body is generally receiving everything of high health, smaller quantities are required to get the body ready for optimal health.

Eat your way to health and the right weight. 

Being healthy means you are being a better egg donor and improving your chances of conception as a recipient.

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