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Last stretch of the year

Anyone who has been involved in the egg donation process can relate to the fact that some time is required to synchronise menstrual cycles.  When we talk of menstrual cycles, this is weeks and the body cannot be too rushed.  A certain minimim time is required to build the lining and shed it again.

It's quite an alarming sense knowing that we are already planning for January egg donation treatments in September.  This is a sign of our times and a sense that the earth is really spinning faster than it did a decade ago.

Heading towards the end of the year also symbolises that life does not stand still and we have to action our goals and that there is no time like the present to reach our dreams and achieve what we want in life.

Having a baby, starting a family, accepting one's own infertility are sometimes thoughts that are clearer as we realise how quickly the year has passed.

So to those pondering and making the decision to reach for your dreams, may all your stars line up for your miracle to become real flesh in your arms.

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