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2015 Year of Reflection

Thinking back, I am astonished that the year has flown by as very quickly as it has causing a reality check that 2016 will too pass by in a flash.

The time is not as important as what was achieved and acomplished in that very time.  The year ends with baby2mom having facilitated close on 1,400 egg donation cycles to date.

As with any exciting life, challenges are posed to facilitate growth, keep us humble and highlight that ultimately we walk by the grace of God, but do our level best.

It has been a wonderful exciting and blessed year and heartwarming to know that egg donations in South Africa and our egg donors have touched the lives of people including but not limited to South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, USA, UK, Namibia, UAE, Zimbabwe, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania, Ireland, Cameroon, California, Switzerland, Germany, Los Angeles, Zambia and Singapore during 2015.

Blessings and thanks to those who have been part of baby2mom during this year and may 2016 be a continuation of this miracle development and beauty!

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