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baby2mom's 10 Years of Egg Donation Services

It is not often that we hear of businesses breaking the 10 year mark, it's even less often that you hear of a business changing lives for each and every one of those years, it is for this reason we are so proud to announce that baby2mom is now 10!


Starting from just a dream, baby2mom has become a business that is dedicated to providing a safe, trustworthy egg donation programme and professional support for both egg donors and recipients and operates as South Africa’s leading egg donation agency.

baby2mom adheres to guidelines as indicated by the SASREG body and maintains a close relationship with SASREG to optimise the professionalism of egg donation services.  In these ten years, egg donors are never sent outside of South African borders and baby2mom will continue to uphold this standard.  It remains imperative that egg donors have fertility treatment at reputable professional known fertility centres and have access to both meet and have access to doctors after the treatment too should this be needed.


In our 10 years of business we have many milestones that we have reached that make us proud but mostly very grateful, one of these being the fact that baby2mom is the first egg donation agency to launch a mobile application, this was done to increase the accessibility to our service, so that people can get in touch with us without barriers to entry.

The name and work of baby2mom is so important and serious that baby2mom has also registered a trademark, awaiting final confirmation, expected late 2017 (a process initiated in 2014).

The baby2mom website is also mobile friendly enabling easier access to register as egg donors and access informaton for recipients. 

Over the last decade, baby2mom has established sound and beautiful relationships with key and reputable fertility clinics in South Africa.  Having personally visited each of these, personal feedback can be given to donors and recipients on the wonderful people who help in the beauty of making babies.  It has certainly been a pleasure and privilege to get to know these fabulous people and one of the greatest joys of running baby2mom.


baby2mom has grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years with well over 1,500 successful egg donation opportunities for conception and growing steadily every year.


The baby2mom Egg Donation Agency existence stems from our desire to actively change lives for the better and to ensure that everyone has access to the solutions we provide to make this purpose happen.

baby2mom has drawn recipients from all over the globe for fertility treatment happening in key cities in South Africa.  It remains a wonderful blessing to receive both positive reviews and pictures from recipients posted on the Heart of baby2mom.  baby2mom has also developed a very active blog with many interesting articles and testimonials from egg donors.

Thanks is given to Jesus, my Lord, for blessing baby2mom to faciilate these opportunities, meet such wonderful people, be so close to the creation of life and work with people who want to help.  Additional thanks is given to my beloved family, who often understand and give of their private times whilst the egg donation facilitation process happens.


Heres to the next 10 years and beyond…

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