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Lighting Another's Candle

Dear Jenny

It has been such a wonderful journey and an honour to be one of baby2mom’s egg donors.  I made a sound decision to be an egg donor so that I could share with someone else the JOY of motherhood.  The whole experience and everything that went into was made easy because I constantly remembered my sister when she would stay awake all night, crying with no hope longing with all she had to have a baby and me wishing there was something I could do.  Knowing I can make a difference in one’s life without having lost anything at all gave me the courage more than anything to do this.

I am happy I chose to become an egg donor and oh the amazing support I got from baby2mom and Fembryo was out of this world, how can anyone not feel as blessed as I feel right now to be part of such a bunch of loving and believing souls, I have no words to express my gratitude towards you Jenny and everyone around you.  You are an extension of hope and being part of you guys is such an honour.

Continue touching lives for the good, nothing in the world can beat this…
Signed, V

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