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Forget the "afterwards" cramps and the need to feel proud of yourself for what you've just done.  Tomorrow you'll have a better understanding of things, nothing a good night sleep can't cure.

Those are the words I sang to myself countless times laying in the back sit of my boyfriend's car as he drove me back to the hotel an hour later  after the egg retrieval procedure.

And so first thing I did when I got to the hotel was soak myself for a good hour bath in my fancy crystal bath salt I got from Jenny along with 3 mybulen I got from the sister after the egg retrieval.

The next morning all was back to normal for me expect for the sparkling feeling I felt inside and as soon as I recognise that feeling I knew I had done right not only by the recipient couple but also by myself, and I knew also by then that the visits to the clinic and the injections was all worth it and most importantly I knew that I had done my part on making this world a better place for someone else other than myself.  And I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again.

Now a month later and I still have my sparkly feeling along with a sense of pride in what I did.

Thank you jenny for still keeping in touch and for all you did for me during the entire  process and allowing me to be part of your special organisation the world real need more special ladies like you.

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