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Manage Stress with Your Diet

Taking charge of your life involves taking your diet seriously.  Sadly people worldwide are facing increasing cases of obesity, infertility, diabetes, cancer and more.

Living closer to nature and closer to the original source of food, more organic, less processed, more simple and less cooked are options for improving health, healing and cleansing the body. 

Preparing a salad from home grown organic material is not only rewarding but full of antioxidants.

Consider growing food - naturally and organically.

Drizzled with coconut oil, lemon juice, raw cold pressed olive oil, mustard seeds and honey - a superfood.

Slow cooked root vegetables flavoured with goji berries.  The latter is such a potent antioxidant that some cultures use these superfoods in all meals.  They are known to be a complete protein source, boost the immune, support cardiovascular health and aid digestive system.

Gogi berries are also renown for managing stress.  They invigorate the body by supporting adrenal glands.  Adding some goji berries to stews, smoothies and snacks may just make that additional anxiety a little more manageable.

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