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Optimal diet for egg donation

Courtesy of Daynah Hawkins..

Since becoming an egg donor, I have donated twice and am in the process of donating again for the 3rd time.

I have always been a fairly healthy person but have recently been introduced to Tim Nokes and his life changing diet, Banting.

My first donation went well and my body reacted very well to the medication and my eggs grew beautifully but unfortunately the donation was unsuccessful. I must admit that I was very sad after I found out that my recipients didn't conceive. However I was determined to get the next couple who chose me pregnant.

I was introduced to Tim Nokes, The Real Meal Revolution, where the book basically explains how bad carbs and sugar are for people and how we must eat a hight fat, medium protein and low carb diet for optimal health.

I started the new diet and then was chosen for the second time to become an egg donor. I followed the diet diligently and I could feel my body changing quickly. My hair grew faster and healthier. Everything about me was working perfectly and to its best ability. I donated for the second time after being on this diet and my recipients became pregnant. I was so happy i wanted to run down the street screaming and telling everyone that they got pregnant.

I am still doing banting and am on my third donation. I can already feel the eggs after only finishing the first set of injection where only towards extraction date did I feel the eggs in my second donation.

The doctors agree that the diet is the perfect diet for both a donor and a recipient. This diet ensures that I am at my healthiest possible which increases my recipients chances of getting pregnant.  I encourage all donors and recipients to go out and get the book and follow it for the rest of your lives.
It's my duty to be the healthiest I can be to provide the best eggs for my recipients and this is the best way to do this.

Tim Nokes and Banting has changed my life and the lives of others,  especially my recipients and i can say with utmost confidence that I will never go back 😃
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