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The Love of Donating Eggs

The one thing I've always been certain of for my life is that I will have children, whether naturally, or using a surrogate, IVF or adoption - I will find a way.  I'm so passionate about children and have been very involved in my little cousins and younger siblings lives, so having little ones of my own will a dream come true.  However I'm realising that many women have trouble conceiving, definitely far more than I'd ever thought, so while I have no reason to believe that I will have any problems, the possibility, it seems, is always there.  And that to me is frightening.

I've watched family and friends struggle, as well as my aunt and uncle, who spent 15 years trying to have children.  My aunt was always very interested and actively involved in the lives of her nieces and nephews, including myself.  It broke my heart to see how much they loved children and what good parents they would be, and knowing that they might not get that chance.  My aunt's body just couldn't keep a baby.  They have since adopted a beautiful boy, and have been wonderful parents to him.

My first prize, of course would be to conceive naturally but second choice would be a process such as this one.  It would mean that I still get to carry my child, even if my body wouldn't allow me to fall pregnant normally.  I would obviously need someone to have offered to donate their eggs in order for me to go through with it, and seeing as this is all so close to my heart I really want to be that for someone else.

Finding out that I'd been chosen held far more excitement for me than I'd expected.  I've always felt happy about helping a family with this gift but when it become a reality I could just imagine how the mom must be feeling; love, elation and excitement like nothing else.  Having my own children is what I'm most looking forward to in life and anyone who is prepared to go through this process, with the amount of money, trouble and emotions involved, must surely have the same desire for children that I do.  So therefore I am honoured to help a family achieve this wonderful dream.

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