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Medical Screening for Egg Donors

An egg donor needs to be in an optimal medical and fertility position to be able to contribute to another.

A fertility specialist will need to perform a full assessment on potential egg donors confirming their ability to give a battling recipient the very best chances of conception.  These screening aspects may differ depending on the clinic's specific processes undertaken.

Egg donors need to test HIV negative.

Blood tests will be undertaken checking a donor's hormone levels, potentially thyroid, insulin and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) - which is indicative of ovarian reserve.  This special hormone was named after Johannes Pieter Müller.

During an internal scan of the ovaries, the fertility , the fertility specialist may check the follicle count - also to confirm the likelihood of the egg donor's ability to produce eggs for another.

Physically, ladies need to be in a healthy space to help another before themselves.  Professional guidance of the egg donor's ability to proceed will be confirmed by the attending fertility specialist, who would also be in a position to counsel the egg donor on the results. 

Ladies interested to help another through egg donation are encouraged to register by completing an application form.

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