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Travelling to Cape Town to donate eggs

What an exceptional egg donation cycle we experienced with T.

For starters, ladies who think that egg donation impacts on your weight, T has a body that belongs on the cover of a fitness magazine and she has not even mentioned that her six pack has altered in any way.

She participated in such a special and eager way, making the process so very heart warming for all involved. 

The time was scheduled in June, I remember the recipient's excitement that this gorgeous lady would be willing to extend herself by flying to Cape Town, Aevitas Clinic to help them.  Even during the treatment, the recipient continue to send mountains of appreciation, awe and blessings.  This is an exceptional match - where spiritually both egg donor and recipient are so aligned, truly beautiful people.   It is one of those special processes where both parties continued to send warm messages of hope and blessings for the other.

Messages from our egg donor, such as, "I am so grateful to this recipient, what a way to end a Monday, waking in Johannesburg and sleep in Cape Town!" continued throughout.

Her body jsut responds so well that the egg retrieval is brought forward and T can actually return home sooner than anticipated.  On the Wednesday, this is confirmed and egg retrieval is definately happening on Friday.  T reports that the doctor is thrilled with her confirming that her eggs are 'very ripe'.

The egg retrieval is done and dusted and T feels wonderful, feeling that this experience was even easier than before. 

She is so grateful for the opportunity to visit Cape Town and spend time with loved ones in Cape Town.  Unfortunately no further pics of Cape Town due to the weather no behaving resulting in an inability to receive wonderful snaps of Table Mountain, the sea and more special offerings.

This donation was a pleasure.  It was such a privilege to work with such a kind soul who obliged herself exactly as required and with such an appreciative recipient who cannot stop with wellwishes of love and gratitude.

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