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My Egg Donation

Hi Jenny

I just wanted to send a message to sincerely thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing process. 

I wish the recipient all the best and hope she gets everything she's ever wanted and lots more.  It was an honor and a privilege to help her.  baby2mom made my traveling donor experience a lovely one.  Everything was organized to the last tiny detail.  They made sure all the i's we dotted and t's were crossed.  Everyone from the doctors at the clinic to the shuttle drivers were competent, friendly and accommodating. 

Over my donation process I took 6 planes, flew 3 airlines and stayed at 3 different guest houses.  I must note that for any future traveling donors that the lady from the 3rd guest house was extremely helpful and made my 2 night stay there every homely.  The city lodge however was also lovely, modern and extremely close to the clinic with the most exquisite breakfasts. 

I also want to make special note of the shuttle driver, who was friendly, always on time and very helpful.  She made arriving in joburg feel like there was family waiting to pick me up. 

The entire experience was an amazing one and would like to thank you Jenny and Helena for helping to make the experience so easy and helping me help someone else. 

I would be honored to be put back on the donation list.

Warmest regards

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