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My Egg Donation Experience

My donation experience has been an indirect blessing to me.

John Bunyan says : 'You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.'

I remember being concerned about how being an egg donor would affect me in the long run, but my assigned baby2mom sister, Krina, explained everything to me.  All my concerns were eliminated.  Being Christian entails that I learn to serve each person as though they are dear to me and baby2mom has afforded me the privilege of blessing an unknown family with the gift of life.  There are many things that money can buy, but being a parent is not one of them but thank God for innovative ways and technology, we can all be parents with the aid of various methods provided by baby2mom.  The egg donation process has been a journey of giggles and learning so much about being selfless.  I have a needle phobia, best known as "Trypanophobia" and I have genuinely learnt so much about the power of the mind and how, with my own mind I am able to overcome such an intense phobia for a selfless act.

It is with a humble heart that I donate my eggs and a spirit that is clear in the intention to serve an unknown family by granting them the possibility of them being parents.

Jenny, Sister Krina, sister Hanlie, Mandy the psychologist and Dr DR Van Rensburg have all treated me as with absolute care and sensitivity. Thank you baby2mom for choosing me as an egg donor.

To my receiver : Thank you for trusting me, a complete stranger to facilitate the possibility of you being parents. May God grant you your heart's desires.

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