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My Egg Donation Walk

I am the kind of person that will just leap into something without really thinking about it too much, I am very good at talking myself out of any bad vibes if I feel like “I know better”.

But I must admit with this egg donation It just felt right…  I was happy and content and loved every walk of it.  For me it wasn’t about the money at all, I am successful in my work place.  For me it was special… I assisted in providing a gift for those not as fortunate as me to have healthy embryos.  But mainly for me it was about giving the gift of life.  I lost a my second born when he was just about 4 months old and nothing in life prepares you for the heartache that lasts a lifetime.

As life would have it I met a man who already has three babies of his own and we ended up falling in love and getting married; all while knowing he has been snipped… I was okay with it at first as it was shortly after losing my boy, but as time went on I became more and more aware of the fact that I can no longer have another (unless I have the funds).  So when this egg donor ship came along I thought why not give that gift to someone else to fill an empty void within me?  Did it fill the void?  Sadly no…

Whether it was successful I don’t know as yet, but I am hoping and praying I succeeded in the one thing that cannot compare to any amount of happiness in a parent’s life.

I still have my first born boy and he is my everything, would I donate again? Possibly, but right now my husband and I are planning our own way of making a little miracle.  Thanks to this process I know now there are endless possibilities.

Thank you Jenny and Team, and to the recipients, I truly hope you have the most beautiful baby thank you for choosing me as your journey partner.

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