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Egg Donor Diary

I had my first egg retrieval the beginning of June 2016.  At the end of June, Jenny from baby2mom called and told me there is the wonderful woman looking for my help and she's willing to wait for me while I have a break from the first donation.  The best part is I am going to travel to Cape Town.  I was so happy.

I had a one day trip to Cape Town to go see Dr Le Roux at the Cape Fertility Clinic.  He was so nice and was very happy how my eggs looked.  I got my injections and the Karin sent me the dates and plan for when to start injections.

Injections were easier than the first time, a bit nervous, but I knew what to do. 

The first day back at Cape Town, I saw Dr Le Roux again and he was happy with how the eggies were growing.  The second time I saw him he said that they are growing bit slower so we will need to move the date for egg retrieval.  I wasn't really happy about what I heard, but I took the time and told myself that everything happens for a reason.  I took the whole day to relax and not to move alot because thes little guys can be very sensitive.

On Monday the doctor told me they are 23 to 25mm and they are ready to come out.

Dr Le Roux told me he got 20 eggs .. I am so happy!

To my recipient: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to help you in getting your dream.  I love that I could do this for you.  And thank you so much for your letter .. I hope for all the best and may God be with you and you family.

This Is my gift to you ❤

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