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My Experience as an Egg Donor

Dear Jenny,

I'd like to thank you for the opportunity that baby2mom has given me by being able to give hope to a family who wanted a family.  

I joined your programme because I truly wanted to help a family or many families to begin or extend their family.  When you contacted me to inform me that  I have been chosen as an egg donor, I was most thrilled but didn't know what to expect and didn't think that being responsible would be so important but knowing that I wasn't doing this for myself but someone else have my a great insight on my own life.  

After my first visit to the clinic in March, the Sr advised that i'll start the process on the 1st of April by linking up my monthly cycle with that of the recipient.  As the days went by, the changes in my hormones started to show because I, for the first time, behaved like a real lady with emotions and moodswings which was rather funny as this does not sound like me at all.  The frequent visits to the clinic for the check ups and scans was not time consuming at all.  The clinic was professional and they did not make me wait for hours to be seen.  

After the 3rd week I started with the injections to promote egg production, the Sr  at the clinic showed me how to do this myself, which was not as painful as one would think.  Only after the 5th day does it become a little sensitive, but before I knew it it was over.  I experienced little discomfort only because of the cysts that developed but this to was quickly seen to with medication and on Friday the 8th May I was admitted into the clinic where they removed the produced eggs under sedation.  

Due to the quantity of eggs produced and procedure which had taken place I experienced pain and was bloated but only for 3-4 days, I have started my cycle and everything is back in order.

I would like to thank you for the lovely Bonsai seed I received from baby2mom which I have planted and look forward to nursing it for years to come.

I would definitely take part in your programme again and become a regular egg donor.

Thanking you and baby2mom

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