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My First Egg Retrieval Experience

Dear Jenny

Attached is my write up and some pictures. 

Thank you for all the effort.

I am very impressed with the whole egg retrieval process and baby2mom organization.

Please inform me when the receiver is pregnant.

It is important to approach the egg retrieval as a selfless act to give hope to a family and not alternative motives considering the emotional impact of the procedure.

I reside in the Western Cape and the egg retrieval was in Port Elizabeth.  The unknown city was a nice change of scenery.  At first I felt lost and lonely in the unfamiliar city – luckily my mother joined me a few days later to accompany me.  It is important to have a support system during the procedure to keep you focused and motivated (the hormone injections can make you very emotional).

A few considerations before thinking of donating include aspects like work and family responsibilities.  The egg retrieval falls under elective leave thus is it necessary to put in annual leave for all the scans and the procedure – this can influence work responsibilities.

The ideal donors are women who are not married yet because the donor must take hormone injections before the procedure.  It starts with one injection a day and later escalates till three – a lot more than I expected to receive.

The procedure went very swiftly.  In three hours, I was in and out of the hospital.  After the procedure, I felt swollen and uncomfortable for two days but after that I felt 100% and was back at work.  The fertility and gynaecology department at Aevitas and Fembryo where very friendly and professional.

baby2mom organisation is very organised.  They make sure you are comfortable and informed at all times.

Considering everything the whole process and experience was beautiful.


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