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My Letter

From the first moment I was contacted that a recipient is interested in me being their donor, I have had the most wonderful experience, ups and downs included. Jenny along with the doctors, nurses and the receptionist were the friendliest people and very helpful with any question or concern I had throughout this process.

Apart from the reason that I would be able to help someone achieve a dream, which was also the main reason, made what I was doing much more easier.

My experience wasn't all moonlight and roses though. Im certain, with any treatment there are ups and downs,  but nothing one cannot handle that you have not been prepared for by the Dr Matebese.

To be apart in creating a miracle for someone other than myself adds a type of feeling that is hard to explain. It's much more than bliss or being content.  It's like making magic real.

I believe that in life one should set out to want to help or change someone else's life for the better.  Whether it be one person or millions. It doesn't matter which form this help comes in, as long as it generates positivity.

I believe this positivity is contagious and it will then create a ripple effect of something much more and much bigger. Which this world can never get enough of.

This whole process has been magical. I received a warming message and gift from my recipient. Something that I will cherish as reminder of why I said yes.

Life can always mean more and we can always be more.

I've heard millions of stories of how much I mean to my parents and family.  How their lives have changed, how proud they are and how much they love me.  They speak of the joys of having one or more children. That it gives life more meaning.  That creating a life and seeing it grow is magic.

I hope my recipient gets to experience all this and more.

All my love,
Your Donor

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