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My screening trip

Woke up early this morning... the driver would be here at 7am so had to have everything done by then.  Got an sms as he arrived. Things are going timely (i thought) last check phone, id, wallet, house keys, and im off.  Finaly at OR Tambo and I realise how big it really is inside... Checking in was a breeze and all was in order thanks to the baby2mom team.  Now we wait to board...
The plane is delayed and I start to worry, things were planned on time!  

They give all the waiting customers a yum bar that helped calm the nerves. Boarded 15min late and off we went.

At Cape Town international a driver was waiting with my name on a board.  Feeling like royalty, I walked up to him smiling and he was the best driver of the day - friendly and kind and patient.
Then we arrived at the clinic.  I had no idea were to go, people had to guide me as it is like a hidden gem.
Did my psych- and passed as expected.
Did my physical - and passed. (Now, this doctor made my day, she told me I look 5 years younger than I am!!!  And she was so friendly felt like an old friend.)  Up to blood tests - I passed the needle test but, results for blood we are waiting on, though I know im good.

Again the driver waited for me outside and we were making up time had just over an hour for my next flight!  He took short cuts and got me there perfectly on time.  Boarded the plane and was supper exited.  Im starting to enjoy this being treated like royalty.
It was my first time sitting over the wing by the emergency exit, and the steward gave us a lesson on how to open the door and when.  Important? I definitely felt like it!

The on board food was amazing!!!  Chicken perfectly cooked vedge crisp and patatos crispy outside and soft inside.  This was followed by a strawberry YUM bar as if they knew how much I enjoyed the vanilla one earlier. 

Back on solid ground and all time was made up.  Again someone waiting with my name. Yes miss royalty has arrived!  Time to get home.  I had an amazing trip and an amazing day!  Thanx to the baby2mom team who had made sure everything was planned out perfectly.

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