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My experience with baby2mom

Wow where do I start?  Well I had one amazing experience as my first time with being an egg donor.  At first I was scared and confused in doing it, due to the unknown of being an egg donor for the first time.  As I started coming in for my blood tests and my scans I just started to feel more and more comfortable and at home.

The injections were a thrilling experience yet so exciting. It was a challenge for me to have to inject myself. The first 5 days of injections went so smooth and the last 5 days was difficult, because my tummy was getting so sensitive due to injecting.

On the 6th day I went for a scan to see how my progress was growing. Wow what an amazing thing to see. I had 16 eggs on my ovaries and they were 16mm big. It looked so amazing on the scanner.  With the eggs not being big enough for extraction I have to do a double dose of injections. It was a challenge but I made it with flying colors.

It’s finally the day of my theatre and for extraction. I’m super excited for this day.  My eggs are being born and I’m giving a lovely person a chance to have the love of a child and a dream come true.  I had 19 eggs extracted and was so happy to hear that the doctor is happy.  The recovery was really a bliss.

I loved every second and every single thing about egg donating. I’m a proud egg donor for baby2mom.

Thanks to Jenny and Medfem for giving me this absolutely amazing experience.  Looking forward to the next one.

Lots of love.

B .P

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