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I was 18 when I first signed up with Jenny at baby2mom.  I wanted to be a surrogate not knowing what I was actually getting myself into, but you know at that age, there is still alot to learn and we act without thinking.  Mostly, I just wanted to give and help.  So after all, I didn't do it as I was not emotionally ready for such a big step.

 Now after all this, I had my own twins, got married, then sadly divorced when I was pregnant. 

My new partner has known my children since they where a mere three months old, so they only know him as their father.  He and I got pregnant and at that time we did not have the funds to have another baby so we did what any other person would do in our situation.  We gave her up for adoption and allowed the new family to name her.  My aunt cannot have her own children, so they were the ideal needing family and we know them. 

I did my first ever egg donation in December 2015, 27 eggs I might add, and now been chosen to donate my eggs again.  I have thusfar had my first appointment and so far all is proceeding well.


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