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Negatives are difficult

Hi Jenny,

Hi Jenny. It's with a heavy heart I have to tell you our blood test today was negative.  I had been expecting it as I had been doing home tests.  They did actually show a light positive result but it failed to get any darker and by Sat (Friday night your time ) I got a negative result.  We do have some frozen so we are taking some time to regroup and recover and we will make some decisions about where to from here.  I'm not sure if you let our egg donor know about the outcome - I'm ok with that if you want to.   If you do talk to her please still pass on my thanks despite the outcome - she's amazing. I hope she liked the gift we got her - it was a little Australian - my thought was I hoped to take a little bit of Africa home with me and so I was going to leave her with a little bit of Australia.

Any way thanks for everything - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend baby2mom to anyone - your contact throughout has been really comforting.


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