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Positive Impact of Being An Egg Donor

Deciding to be an egg donor was a difficult decision to make.  Giving a part of myself to a stranger played on my mind for many weeks but ultimately I chose to help someone to get the greatest blessing, a child of their own.

Growing up very involved in the church, helping others was a big part of my life and making the decision to become a donor has been had a very positive impact on my life.

The process is very daunting at first, with the idea of doctors’ visits, injections, scans and a medical procedure, but the team involved from baby2mom and Cape Fertility Clinic were there every step of the way for help, guidance and support.

After weeks of pills, sometimes painful injections, numerous scans and a trip to Cape Town, I was ready for the donation.  The staff at Cape Fertility Clinic was kind and helpful and always made sure I was comfortable.

Without Jenny from baby2mom, I don’t think I would have been able to do this.  She is always there with messages of help and support and has made the whole experience an amazing one.

I am hoping to stay involved with the program and help other women have the gift of life that they themselves cannot give.

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