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Now is My Time

This is my little man.  My boy.  Can't believe how quickly he grows up.
I'm a farmer and photographer and every moment I capture is a moment never to be forgotten.  
Live is so full of love and precious moments. 

So today i recieved a message that said:
"I hope all well
I have a recipient who has kindly asked if you will please be her donor"

Is this real.  Me? From billions of people.  I couldn't believe.  Now is my time.  To make a change.  To help. To be who I want to be.  To care.  To share.  

My sister in law.  An amazing person.  Located to England' married and so positively living her live is struggling to start her own family.  She and her husband the most amazing people.  The never miss a family birthday.  Always the first to send a gift.  The love our son like he is their own.  The always share special moments in short times visiting us in SA.  So looking at them it just breaks my heart.  Sometimes I ask Why Lord? Why not bless them with a child of their own.  They who love so much. 

So looking at my own I it makes sense.  If I can help someone like them,  giving back,  why not.  It will be the greatest give to give.  

So from today a new journey starts. The only emotion running through me is excitepent.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to give.  From a baby to a mom

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