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Egg Donation, The Gift of Life

My experience with baby2mom was lovely.  Egg donation is very new to me as I am a first time donor. 

When Jenny contacted me saying that someone had chosen me to be they donor I was very happy and eager to go along with it. Jenny had been very supportive from the start to the end.  My first appointment was with Dr James Sharatt the psychologist in Durban, who was very helpful and explained the entire process and how it works.

My next appointment was at St Augustines to see the fertility specialist, Dr S Naidu. The doctor and the nurses were very professional.  He explained the procedure step by step.

The thought of injecting myself was horrifying until I actually did it and realised it isn't all that bad.  After the first day I got used to the injections and continued for ± 2 weeks.

On the day of retrieval I was scared, nervous and excited for the process to take place.  I had mixed emotions.  The doctors and nurses at Kingsway hospital spoke me and made sure I was comfortable from the time I reached until the time I was discharged from the hospital.  I was super excited when the doctor told me that 15 eggs were retrieved. 

I am truly happy that I could help someone else.  This was an amazing experience.

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