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A visit to Aevitas

Yesterday, I made the trip to greet fellow colleagues and friends at Aevitas Fertility Clinic in Pinelands, Cape Town.  The clinic has a renown set of reputable and professional treating doctors, Professor Siebert, Professor Kruger, Dr Hume and Dr van der Merwe. 

Professor Siebert highlighted that the importance of the patient is very key and all efforts are undertaken to ensure the wellbeing and optimisation of the results and experience for recipients and donors. His openess and continued availability to aid in times of need show dedication, care and personalised touch to those that enter the doors of the clinic.

Tersia, the fertility sister, said the egg donors that have crossed her path are wonderful beings and they certainly give a very positive first impression.

The walls to the appointment rooms are lined with pictures of babies, joyful couples and fulfilled people, all the miracles conceived through the help of the Aevitas Fertility Clinic, indicative of treatment facilitated through the help of, inter alia, Cape Town egg donors.

More on egg donation can be found online - whether you are seeking an egg donor or wanting to become one.

The vibe at the clinic was calm and happy, patients entered and let the premises with smiles and gratitude.  All at the reception forged a welcoming warmth to the souls who walk through the doors.

As you leave the clinic, we are reminded that we are only availing ourselves for the miracle and giving life a chance, ultimately this is a divine force and babies are blessings.

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