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Proud of My Ovaries

A few years ago, I registered as a donor with baby2mom.  This year I received a call from Jenny to say I was selected by a couple.  I felt a rush of excitement and fear as I didn't know what to expect.  Fortunately, the process was a breeze with Jenny assisting with all details in every step of my journey.

Hospital visits for checkups were a breeze and everything went exactly as was mentioned.

The day of retrieval I was nervous and scared.  

My first donation, and I was alone as I didn't have the support or approval of my family and friends.  But this didn't bother me, as I knew if anything happened, Jenny was only a phone call away and my designated nurse was extremely supportive and caring.  I had never been under anaesthetic before and I was scared I would sleep for hours or have nausea after.  

The procedure happened in seconds and I woke up just in time for them to wheel me out on the trolley. I still asked the nurses if I must go back to sleep for them to start with the procedure, to which they replied "it's already done."  I couldn't believe how fast the process was.  I felt normal, got off the bed, changed, packed my bags and was already walking out the door when the doctor came to check if I was ok.  He then told me everything  went well and that I had produced 10 eggs.  I couldn't help but feel proud of my little ovaries for a second.

I would love to donate again.  It was so interesting and it was good to explore the unknown and learn so much.  I feel so good after the entire process knowing that I have helped a couple to start a family.

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