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My Chance to Make a Difference

The egg donation topic came up about five years ago at a family gettogether.  Thanks to my obervation skills, I spotted that two cousins looked very different and probed further on this.  I established that it was not a secret, just that I was the only one who did not know.  My aunt proceeded to explain that egg donation was involved in their wonderful conception.

My curiosity directed me to do research and I found that egg donation is one fantastic process.  I personally don't anticipate having children, but that does not stop me from caring and wanting to help those who do desperately want.  Furthermore, my aunt fully supported me and I have come to understand that my eggs are being wasted monthly - whether I donate or now.

At aged 22, I was in my final year at Stellenbosch Univesity and beame a donor and so my egg donor journey began.  I cannot recall much of that experience, it was all over so quickly.

Then I decided to donate again when I relocated to Port Elizabeth.   I googled places I can donate and first one to pop up and the name sounded awesome it was baby2mom agency, I went on and signed up.  I believe this was round February/ March.  I waited untill August to be nominated.  I was excited to get a call from one of the agents of baby2mom that I was nominated I told myself I will note every experience and make sure I enjoy it.  I think becoming an egg donor is a chance to make a huge difference in the life of someone desiring to have children.

Well it can be tough as an egg donor - the medication, emotions, following guidelines set by hospital.  Taking off from school to travel to hospital for appointments and scans especially when you are new to a place, but thanks to technology we have google maps and Uber.  But honestly speaking the positive far outweigh the negative.

I had an overall positive experience St. George's Fembryo hospital nurses were awesome - smiles, supportive and and I  could see they were enjoying what they do.  baby2mom agent -  she was totally magnificent, always checks on me, keeps me posted and was my clock, also reminds you of your appointments and check if you ready and so on.

9th September 2017 retrieval day - you can just imagine how excited I was.  I did not even sleep the day before hahahah! Isn't that crazy?  It reminded me of primary school when I would be awake all night right before my trip.  Five o'clock, I was up, getting ready and praying all goes well and that I would give as many eggs as possible.  I was the first at the clinic -  mind me it wasn't even open as yet -  hahha epic right this is what excitement gets me to do.  The procedure started about 8:30.  The last thing I recall was we will take care of you and next thing I woke up in bed warm and cosy -  hahaha!  Once again it reminded me of sleeping on the couch and waking up in bed.  Surely I was taken care of indeed.  10:00 I was served breakfast and asked to rest little beat.  Woke up later and got Uber to get medication and off to my place.

I must say it was one awesome experience I wouldn't mind pressing repeat button.  I hope and pray the fertilization goes as well as it went with retrieving and the children turn out as hyper, lovely and beautiful as me.  Look at me giving myself the credits hahaha.  I love the process I would advice anyone who wants to take this journey to not hesitate.  There are seven days in a week and now is the the day, start now to be an egg donor - you won't regret anything!

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