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Proud to be an Egg Donor

I'm so excited and proud to be part of baby2mom and to be able to help a lovely couple become parents.  I take my hat of to you and your team for all the effort and support you give me (donors) and to the couples (recipients).  All your phone calls, messages and support really means alot.  I'll keep you updated next week Wednesday on how the procedure went, at least I've done this before. And I'm not stressed at all, the sisters and doctor's at Medfem are absolutely amazing.  Plus the donors don't feel a thing, just a smile when you wake-up, knowing that you will be changing someone's life.  Thanks again for everything Jenny. Have a great weekend. Xxxx

I took the photo's, just to show new donor's that the needle of the injection is really thin and short, it doesn't hurt at all.  And a photo of my diary, because women (employed or unemployed) can donate.  I have a hectic schedule, but I just write down all of my appointments in my diary, for example - when I need to go for scans ect. It really helps, then you can plan accordingly.

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