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World Vegan Day

1 November marks the celebration of World Vegan Day.

Veganism is a natural diet lifestyle where food is sourced from the earth, no animal by-producst are consumed.

This embraces a very healthy and conscious lifestyle, with a sense of adventure in always preparing and trying new alternatives.

Source omegas from raw seeds.
Source protein from nuts, seeds, quinoa, non-dairy milk (coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk) and plant protein.  Consider the strength of an elephant or rhino  purely on plant protein!

Quinoa salad with raw peppers, organic lettuce (washed in vinegar), topped with bringal pesto

Ideal breakfast- raw oats, with some apple pieces, gogi berries, raw nuts

Raw biscuit/ deserts made with oats and date as base, cashew cream sweetened with honey as centre filling

Staple diet - hemp smoothie made with a hemp seeds, some nuts, dates (or honey), chia seeds

Ideal snack - raw oat cookie made with coconut oil.

A cruelty-free, healthy lifestyle ideal to improve health, manage blood sugar levels and reach ideal weight.

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