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Weight loss, High in Antioxidants and Delicious

Strawberries (avos and bananas  true!) are part of the group of the berries.  This type of food is regarded as a superfood and excellent for you in so many ways.

One cup of strawberries a day is required for your daily intake of vitamin C.  The natural sugars in such wonderful foods are offset by their fibrous nature.  The setting of the strawberries is aided by the coconut oil and protein enriched by raw cashews and macadamia nuts.  The tasty nutritious base is made from raw cacao (so high in antioxidants), almonds and conocunt oils.

Experts suggest we should consume around half of our intake raw.  This is a completely raw, vegan healthy option which improves blood circulation, aids weight loss, boosts the immune system, increases anti oxidants to the system and provides the body in an ideal alkaline system.  Interestingly, cancers do not grow in alkaline environments. 

Change your life and eat to love your body and do good, improving your health makes you a better egg donor and improves your own fertility.  Start being consious about what you feed your body.

Links to other healthy kind eating options online.

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