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Real Emotions About Being an Egg Donor

My 1st egg donation experience .
When Jen called me to let me know I was chosen I was petrified.  I had so many things rushing through my mind.
“Do I really have good genetics ?"
“Will the baby be compromised because of my genetics?”
BUT the Question that I was most scared of …
“Am I really willing to help”
The thought of donating eggs have always made me happy knowing I could bring a little love into someone’s life.
Just as happy as it made me it made me scared.  There would be a little baby somewhere in the world with my DNA.  A little life to which I would not have any connection but genetics.
As we went on with the egg donation process I started to realize that I am making a difference in this cruel world.

I was terrified of needles.  I went into the clinic and a woman explained to me in a sing-song voice how to administer the hormones (at home the next evening, I read the instructions over and over and then mimicked the demonstration.  I pinched the fat in my lower abdomen, just underneath and a few inches left or right of the belly button, and poked.  It really didn’t feel like much.  The injections did not hurt.

Leading up to the days of retrieval, I felt bloated and uncomfortable, and could walk at about the same pace as my grandmother.  The injection sites got bruised.  Though nervous, I was relieved when my retrieval date finally arrived.  The doctor told me the anesthesia would work in ten seconds, and I didn’t even get a chance to start counting.  In the end, the clinic retrieved 23 eggs.

All in all I am happy .

I am happy with the decision of becoming an Egg Donor .
I am happy I could help a couple become loving parents.
I am happy!

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