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Wanting to Be a Mother

Every woman on this earth wants to be a mother at some point in their life.  For some it's easy to fall pregnant and for others it's not quite so.  As a woman and a mother of two little angels, I never struggled to fall pregnant so I would never fully understand the pain some woman who struggle to have a baby ensures, how they want to give up hope, but decide not to.  They try everything they can to fulfil their dreams of becoming mothers.

To all the woman struggling and at the end decide to consider an egg donor, 'Don't give up hope.  Never stop dreaming and never loose faith.  All your dreams will come true one day.'  As an egg donor I'm extremely happy and blessed to be a part of someone's journey to play a part in such a life changing event.

All the doctor's appointments, all the injections I have to endure is worth it.  The fact that I could make a BIG change in someone's life makes everything worth it.

To the couple who choose me thank you for making me a part of you're dream. It was a pleasure to help you.  I would do it over and over again just to make all your dreams a reality.  Even though we never met, you are close to my heart.  I wish you all the best for the future.

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