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Sasreg 2015 Conference

I was privilidged to attend the SASREG 2015 conference from 30 October 2015 to 1 November 2015 in Sandton, Johannesburg with emphasis on new debate in infertility.

SASREG was hosted by the President, Dr Le Roux, internationally recognised fertlity specialist from Cape Fertility Clinic.

What an exciting opportunity to be part of the reproductive specialists in South Africa and be privvy to the latest insights, updates and objectives of keeping South Africa as a professional reputable and ever growing fertility industry.  I returned from this extraordinarily well organised even feeling proud and humbled to be part of this dynamic industry.

The conference enabled participants to come and go and attend sessions that were uniquely appropriate.  A couple of simultanious sessions were held in different auditoriums.

Other than a wonderfully enlightening gathering, it was enjoyable to personally catch up with colleagues and old friends and have the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues around improving uptimately safe pregnancies.

Johannesburg sky line at sunset