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Saying yes

Saying yes, I gave my word of honor.

I had the chance to help and I was committed to do so.  Very exited, I went for my first scan and blood tests and got all positive results. This was it, the journey begins.   Obstacles find me, trying to get me off the path.  My only car gets stolen!

Frustrated and angry, it's less than 24 hours before I need to start my treatment!  This image comes into my head of a mother holding a baby and the dad kissing the mom on her head.  Joy!  I chose this path, I made the commitment, I gave my word of honnor.   Wipe off your tears, I told myself, get up make a plan.

So I googled uber, taxify, and for some reason gautrain.  And I find my answer.  For the next few appointments I will get dropped off at the train station, take the train to the Sandton, get on a bus that gets me close and walk the last leg to the clinic.  After the checkups walk to the bus, bus to station and train to Pretoria., get a lift back home.  I was going to see this through!  So my first time on the gautrain and I am on my way.  The last leg was uphill.  Steep steep hill!  Push through it, I told myself.  So I did.

Lucky the last day I was blessed to get a friend take me home... 

The stolen car, the various legs of my travel, warm sun and steep hills would not stand in my way.  I made this promise to help this couple and I would keep my word.  With my commitment I know the couple who would recieve my donation would be getting some dedicated eggs.  My commitment, my word of honnor, my gift.  A gift unlike any I could ever give.

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